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Bed Bug Home Remedies

The bed bug infestation in our bedrooms is spiraling out of control! They seem to thrive everywhere, even after I have changed the sheets several times. What are quick and effective bed bug home remedies I can use to deal with this infestation once and for all?

Bed bug home remedies are surprisingly very available and easy to follow, if you know what to do. Here are some quick tips to finally get rid of those nasty bugs out of your bedrooms:

1. Sunlight and heat: Do it the natural way – expose your beddings, bed sheets, and foams out in the extreme heat of the sun. The heat will instantly kill the infesting bed bugs. If you live in a colder climate, wash and dry your linens at high temperatures – bed bugs die in temperatures over 113 degrees.

2. Lavender: Bed bugs cannot stand the smell of lavender. Spray this all over your bed, sheets, wardrobes, and closets. For longer lasting effects, hang lavender sachets in areas where bed bugs tend to flourish.

3. Custom Herbal Spray: Get 10 drops from each of the following: lavender, rosemary essential oil, and eucalyptus. Mix them carefully, and spray all over the infested areas using a spray bottle. Wear gloves while concocting and applying this herbal spray.

4. Petroleum Jelly: Lather petroleum jelly all over the legs of your chairs, bedside tables, and the legs of your beds. This prevents the bugs from climbing up and worsening an already infested area.

5. Mint Leaves: The soothing smell of mint leaves is surprisingly disgusting to bed bugs – they cannot stand it. To repell them, spread some mint leaves all over the infested areas.

6. Cayenne Pepper: Purchase cayenne pepper from your local grocery store. Just like with the mint, spread them all over the infested area and even those places that the bed bugs might be passing over to get to your bedroom. This method naturally repels bed bugs.

7. Scented Sheets: There’s nothing like soothing scents to instantly repel bed bugs. Cover your bed, pillows, and mattresses with scented sheets to keep bed bugs away.

8. Duct Tape: Battle bed bugs head-on by pressing duct tape on the areas they are infesting. Chances are you will be able to lift and eliminate most of them upon exposure and contact with the tape.

9. Use hot laundry water everytime: Do an overhaul and boil everything in hot water for at least 15 minutes. This includes everything that’s made of fabric, the carpet, luggage bags, and rugs.

10. Vacuum: Vacuum your pillows, sheets, mattresses, and carpets repeatedly before you put in new, scented ones. Make sure that as you vacuum, you linger on areas for several seconds rather than just hover the vacuum over one area for just one second.

11. Diatomaceous Earth: Spread this all-natural product around areas where bed bugs tend to be located.

12. Steam cleaner: Purchase a high-powered one and go through all the areas, cracks, and corners where they tend to thrive. Spray hot steam on one area at a time for three to five seconds.

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