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Home Remedies for Wrinkles

As people age, skin and health problems appear. Wrinkles are one of these. Wrinkles can appear on the face, commonly in the forehead and in the eye area. They can also appear on the hand and other body areas. Wrinkles are folds in the skin. The folds are a result of loosening of the skin. Wrinkles are often considered as a sign of aging. Some people resort to surgical procedures that can cost a fortune. They go through clinical operations to tighten the skin and appear young again. However, if you are on a budget and you want to keep safe, you can try easy and effective natural home remedies for wrinkles.

Aside from natural aging, wrinkles can be caused by many other factors. Lack of moisture can make the skin loosen up. Too much exposure to the sun can damage your skin. The heat from the sun can loosen the skin by drying up its natural oils. Ultra violet rays are also damaging. Smoking can make you look 5 years older because cigarettes sip out the moisture of the skin. Poor hydration is another factor. When the skin lacks water, it crinkles and folds.

Fortunately, you do not have to go to the doctor for a skin tightening operation. You only have to raid your kitchen and your backyard to find good solutions to wrinkles. Natural home remedies for wrinkles are safe, so you will never go wrong.

Your skin needs moisture to keep it supple, tight, healthy, and young-looking. Natural oils such as coconut oils are good moisturizers. Apply on the face, and on other body parts prone to wrinkles, like your hands. Make sure to massage the oil gently to the skin.

This next option is very easy. You just have to go to your kitchen and open your cupboard. You can prepare a natural cream by mixing equal amounts of olive oil and honey. Mix well and apply on the face. Leave the mixture on the face for at least 15 minutes. You can even sleep with this mixture on to allow the natural tightening components to soak through your skin. Wash the mixture off thoroughly. Feel how supple and tight your skin becomes after using this home remedy for wrinkles.

If you think alcohol is always bad, then you’re wrong. You can use vodka as a treatment for wrinkles. Make a toner out of two tablespoons of vodka, two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of fennel seeds. Mix the ingredients well, making sure that the three ingredients are well blended. Store the mixture at room temperature for three days. Use this concoction as a toner.

Another alcohol that you can use against wrinkles is brandy. Boil two cups of water and put in half a cup of rosemary leaves. Let it boil for a few minutes to allow the juice from the leaves to come out. Pour in half a cup of brandy. Let the mixture cool and strain the leaves out from the liquid. Apply the mixture to the skin at least twice in a day. Make this a regular habit and see the benefits it gives your skin.

Fruits are good home remedies for wrinkles. Lemon juice naturally exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells. Pineapple is also an alternative. Rub the pineapple very gently to the skin.

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