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Home Remedies for Wart Removal

So you got warts? How do you get rid of that little thing protruding from your skin? Do you have to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist? How much money will you have to spend for the treatment? Well, you do not have to fret and panic. There are easy, fast, and effective home remedies for warts.

Anyone of any age and gender can get warts. Warts are generally a small and rough protrusion on the skin. They can either be brown, black, or white. They are caused by viruses. The viruses enter the skin through small cuts and scratches, causing an abnormality of skin cell growth, thus creating a wart. The viruses are contagious; you can contract the wart-causing viruses through a simple handshake with someone who has warts. The virus can also be shared through indirect contact such as using the same towel as an infected person.

Flax is good for removing warts. Prepare a mixture of ground flax seed and flax oil plus a little honey. Cover the warts with the mixture. Try to keep it on for the entire day or as long as possible. Apply this everyday until you see your warts slowly shrinking in size.

Natural oils are very effective home remedies for warts. Camphor oil can be applied to the problem area. The more often you apply camphor oil the faster the warts will heal. Castor oil can also be an alternative. Apply this at least two times a day. Tea tree oil can also work. When you apply natural oils to warts, you have to massage them into the area for at least 2 minutes to allow the skin to absorb the oil.

Garlic can be the easiest home remedy for warts. Crush enough cloves of garlic to cover your warts. Secure the garlic by either using a piece of cloth or a bandage. You can do this before you go to bed and wash the garlic off in the morning when you wake up.

Another very simple option is using a banana peel. During a weekend when you can afford to just stay at home, put a piece of banana peel on your warts. The inside part of the banana peel should be in contact with the warts. Secure the peel with a piece of clothing or a bandage.

Duct tape can also remove warts. A chemical in the adhesive can affect warts. Place a small patch of the tape over your wart and leave on all day. Over time, if you do this consistently, the tape will remove your wart layer by layer.

Surprisingly, as simple as putting a piece of fresh pineapple can help you get rid of those annoying warts. Rub it gently to the warts. Do this procedure as often as you can for at least 2 days. Pineapple is rich in vitamin C that helps fight infection.

Remember that warts are caused by a virus. To be able to guard yourself from this infection, it is imperative to build resistance against viruses. Taking the required dose of Vitamin C has proven effective in fighting infections. It is also important to stay away from areas and people infected with viruses. Always keep your skin clean. Warts grow out on damp areas of the skin. Thus it will help if you keep all areas of your skin dry. If you perspire a lot, make it a habit to bring a handkerchief to wipe away perspiration. It is also important that you try natural home remedies for wart removal because they are safe.

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