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Home Remedies for Gastritis

Gastritis, medically explained as inflammation of the lining of the stomach, is one of those medical conditions that can be healed and managed by using effective home remedies. This condition develops when the white blood cells penetrate the walls of the stomach, most of the time as a result of an injury. There are cases of both acute and chronic gastritis. People with iron deficiency conditions are prone to suffering from long-term gastritis. Home remedies that can effectively deal with this condition are vital to consider to prevent a worsening of the condition. This is because many cases of stomach ulcers have been pointed to gastritis as the culprit.

As a general rule, the most effective way to keep away from suffering the implications of gastritis is to avoid doing or at least staying close to what causes its development. For example, avoid eating spicy foods in excessive amounts so that you reduce the possibility of developing inflamed gastric walls. Other items and habits that you need to stay away from is the consumption of excessive alcoholic drinks, condiments and other spices, sour food items (such as pickles), coffee, strong teas, and of course smoking.

Difficulty with digestion would also put the stomach linings at risk for injuries. Chewing fresh ginger can stimulate digestion and help in preventing gastritis. Coconut water is another common home remedy for gastritis due to its capability to calm down and soothe the stomach linings.

Juices of natural products such as potatoes and lemons are also great remedies for inflamed gastric wall.

If you have roasted fennels at home, you can chew this after eating your meals and you will find relief from the pain of gastritis.

If you have licorice root tea, you can also turn to this as one of your home remedies for gastritis. All you have to do is put ½ teaspoon of this tea to one cup of hot water and drink it regularly three times a day. As a reminder, you need to strain this mixture before you drink it.

One of the most cost-effective home remedies for gastritis is to apply a hot compress to your stomach when you are not full. If you do not have a hot pack, you can also put hot water in a bottle and place it on your stomach. Just be sure that you can tolerate the heat so as to prevent scalding on that area of the body.

Another effective home remedy for gastritis can be prepared by rolling one or two pieces of garlic on dried seedless grapes. Eat it and you would certainly find relief from the pain brought about by inflamed stomach linings.

Have you ever heard of black salt? Well, mixing one part of black salt with six parts of Sprague powder would make an ideal remedy for gastritis. Another variation of this mixture is achieved by means of combining 125 grams of curd to ½ gram of black salt and 2 grams of Sprague. This mixture is one of the most effective home remedies for gastritis.

If you want to get rid of the pains brought by inflamed stomach linings, dry friction and sponge baths everyday would free you from being troubled by gastritis. This only shows that one of the most effective home remedies for gastritis are those that are cost-effective and very easy to do.

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