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Remedies for oily skin

Remedy 1
LEMON is the best thing for oily skin...just rub the lemon juice over ur face, than u fell little tiny itchy apply a little milk over it....thats all...lemon reduces the oilness in ur face. It gives a brighter glow because it act as a bleaching and with the mix of milk it keeps ur skin soft and give a whitening look....all the things u want for a skin...to look beautiful...
Remedy 2
Use steam! Put some boiling water in a bowl and lean over it with a towel over your head (just like when you've got a blocked nose) stay like that for 10-15 minutes and then use a facial wash and pat dry.
Remedy 3
Another home remedy is to mash up stawberries and use them like a face pack (messy, i know!) but it really does work because strawberries have salycilic acid in them which combats oily skin... don't use them on your skin too often. Another thing is remember is that whatever you eat or drink today will show up in your skin tomorrow, drink PLENTY of water!!!
Good luck!

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