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What is the best way to prevent the flu if I am allergic to the flu shot and can't take FluMist?

Tips by Deliriumslibrarian:
Wash your hands regularly, as most flu germs are actually transmitted hand to mouth. Use an antibacterial handwash if you don't have regular access to a sink.Flu vaccines are made with chicken eggs, so check if you are allergic to egg or chicken. There are some alternate vaccines available, in some places -- ask your doctor.However, I've got flu badly every time I've had the shot. Instead, I try to do the following during the winter:
1/ maintain high vitamin c levels (oranges, lemons, grapefruit, whatever)
2/ use echinacea tea to boost my immune system
3/ avoid dairy products as the cold virus lurves dairy (it's a mucus-producing environment)
4/ avoid large groups of small children
5/ avoid locations with air conditioning, as these circulate disease
6/ avoid doctor's surgeries & gyms for the same reason ;)
7/ root vegetables, onions, garlic and ginger are all really good for boosting your winter immune system
8/ use a full-spectrum lightbulb to ward of depression, which can lower immune defences
9/ check the pollution forecast - cold weather and fog can trigger asthma, weakening your lungs and chest.
Unless you have a history of severe flus or other chest infections, there's really no reason to get the flu shot. A healthy diet and good hygiene will keep you healthier.

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