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Natural way to treat a headache

Option 1: There's an accupressure point on your hand, the soft sopt between your thumb and first finger. If your headache's on the left side, press your right hand; if it's on the right, press your left. If it's in the middle, try either or both. Open your hand. Place the thumb of the other hand on the top of the hand at the juncture between the thumb and first finger. Place your index finger of the other hand under the palm, under where your thumb is. Press for about 30 seconds. You'll know you're in the right spot because the accupressure points are sensitive. Press or rub in a circular motion (without lifting your thumb) - and it eases the headache without aspirin.
Option 2: Stub your toe. Then you won't notice your head hurts because your toe is throbbing!! (Laughter is a great natural analgesic.)
Option 3: have someone press with medium pressure from the base of your skull just below the ear to the the neck. Useing two fingers one on each hand, every 1/4 inch and hold pressure for 20 sec. you may feel the knot which is your headache, but keep going to the spine then go down the spin 1/4 at a time to the shoulders then out to the end of them and then start back in it takes about 10 mins to do but it works. Good luck, really dont work by yourself though.

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