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How to reduce pimples?

Zits, spots, pimples... call them what you will, they are terrible enemies for our beauty. Remember that pimples can't be prevented without a routine skin care regimen.Here you are my most precious tips to prevent or treat them. I collected them just for you !
1. Wash face 2-3 times daily.
2. Use a gentle, water-soluble cleanser and tepid water.
3. Apply a medicated cream, such as benzoyl peroxide, to potential problem areas.
4. Use non-comedogenic moisturizers and makeup.
5. Avoid overmoisturizing the skin. Use the lightest-weight moisturizer necessary.
6. Use a mud mask once a week to clean out pores.
7. Try a medicated refining mask that cleanses and corrects problem skin.
8. Wash makeup brushes and sponges frequently to minimize dirt and bacteria.
9. Athletic activities and exposure to greasy environments, such as fast-food establishments, contribute to acne.
10. Drink plenty of water to flush out impurities.
11. Keep hands and hair away from face. And now try this honey bleamish treatment, that's really magical...
Honey is great for drawing out impurities. It also contains a large amount of potassium, giving it antibacterial properties. For serious cases, try a complete facial mask of pure honey, rather than just a spot treatment.Soak a cotton ball in warm salt water; press on the blemish for three minutes to help dissolve the top.Dab a bit of honey on the affected area to deep-clean the pore and draw out any bacteria. Let sit for ten to 15 minutes.Clean the face with normal cleanser; then rinse the skin well with warm water, then cool water.Pat the skin dry. Good luck.

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